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About Me

Hi there! My name is Meesha Farzaneh
This journey began when I was faced with the misfortune of undergoing 3, very invasive, foot surgeries in 2017, which forced me to stay indoors and limit myself to activities that involved minimal mobility. I began learning how to design and create handmade art, which became an outlet for me to redirect my feelings of depression during that time.

Over the last 2 years, I have developed a line of ethically produced, handmade jewelry that revolves around the idea that beautiful statement jewelry doesn't have to carry added weight and discomfort. As a first generation Iranian American, I am the first in my family to work towards establishing an emerging design brand here in the US, with a business plan to expand towards a production process that employs 100's of women artisans in need of employment to support their families and communities.

When I started Saffron Soul, I wanted to incorporate my cultural background into my art practice. The name Saffron Soul circles back to my Iranian roots. (90% of the Saffron used today is derived from Iran)! By the 10th century BC, ancient Persians were weaving infused saffron threads into textiles, and would ritually offer them to divinities. I love the rich history associated with the word saffron and it is also said to help ease feelings of depression! I hope that my products can evoke the same feelings of happiness and inspiration in others as they do for me. 

Photo by Chelsea Francis @ohhhchelsea